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Megan Clarke

BACP Registered Counsellor

Hi, my name is Megan, and I am a Pluralistic BACP registered counsellor. I have a Master of Science (MSc) in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Keele.

I work wholly online as I have found it to be a more effective way to counsel clients as they find it easier to open up and fit their counselling around their busy home life.


I use a pluralistic approach to counselling. What this means is that I believe that each client and their needs are unique and that they deserve to have a choice in how their therapy sessions are conducted. This means that each client gets a bespoke and flexible experience.

A few examples of questions that I will ask you are:

  • Do you want me to ask you questions?

  • Do you want me to challenge you?

  • Would you like to set some goals for your therapy?

  • Would you like to focus on the past or the present?

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Counselling Services

If you aren’t sure what you would like at the start, that’s not a problem, as we can work this out together. As your sessions progress, you will have the option to tailor them so we focus on what works for you.

I also believe in the power of psychoeducation. What this means is that if you would like me to, I will explain some of the counselling theory around what you are experiencing. Again, the choice is yours, but my experience is that many clients find this empowering and are able to take these lessons forward into their everyday lives.

If you would like to book a free 20-minute consultation or secure a full 60-minute session with me, please click the Booking page.

Here you will see the cost, my availability and book and pay for your session.

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